Monday, June 11, 2007

The most expensive music video

This is a song called 'From Yesterday' by 30 Seconds to Mars. The video of this song is the most expensive music video to date, at 13 million dollars. Previously this record was held by Micheal Jackson for his video of Scream. Apart from being the most expensive video, this is the first American music video to be shot entirely in China.


nass said...

13 million?? for what? :)
i dont even know the song, so it means their money was wasted :p

XefroX said...

kewl n thanks for sharin the vdo n info with us..btw mee too neva heard of the song....

Yusuf Abdulla Shunan said...

now i know! all thanks to you!

DarkAngeL said...

yeah i never heard that song either!

keekey bunaanee... laari ovey veeya emeehun athuga *shakes head*

.mini said...


from yesterday
from yesterday (halhey lavamun!)

yeah ei aslu lava mashhooru kuranvegen agubodu kolly

vejjetha kameh?


Anonymous said...

this is only the short version lol
the whole thing is like 13 minutes long and theres no special effects in it whatsoever
and i LOVE the song :)

part 1 -

part 2 -

Anonymous said...

This is why Virgin records is going out of business. That was a complete waste of money during this day and age when MTV doesn't even play videos.

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